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All products in our store are developed by the best developers. Our plugins and mods are written in the best code, and all code is checked for errors. We value our reputation!
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We provide full support to each of our clients in using our products. Online consultation at any time 24/7. Ability to get a backup copy of a plugin or server if it is lost. There are instructions for installing our mods.
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Our products, plugins and mods that we sell in our store are completely private. Very often we get from our customers the wish for updates and reports in the work. We try to send updates on our mods every month.
CS-SELL.COM - We're starting

Hi everyone, my name is Katrina. I am the second owner of our site CS-SELL.COM. I will be responsible for promoting the site and publishing new material for our users. I can officially say that our site is open.
Extra items - Hellhound for CS 1.6

New private weapon Hellhound, a great tool for destroying zombies. State-of-the-art special military drone installed with Hologram AR System. Independently borders on you and attacks automatically when enemies are around.
Holy Sword Divine Order

A great private plugin that will add a unique knife for cs 1.6 zombie server to your server. Holy Sword Divine Order legendary sword that, with the chosen guardian's blessing, will judge evil with sacred power. If you're facing an evil presence, the sword will strengthen, and the Holy Impact (Holy Guard) and Holy Crash (Holy Smite) skills will be enhanced.
Extra Item - Laser Guide for CS 1.6

Hello everyone, our team publishes a new private weapon Laser Guide for you. if you want, you can purchase this weapon for the zombie server. This laser gun is similar in functionality to the old Guide weapon from CSO, now this weapon is no longer available. Most likely, the plugin will get some improvements in the visual and functional parts.
Extra Items - Demonic Scarlet Rose for CS 1.6

We are glad to present you a new private knife plugin for CS 1.6, we publish for you a new weapon Demonic Scarlet Rose from the CSO. A lance-shaped weapon made by Medea. It changes into a rose flower in full bloom, and various attacks are possible.
Extra Items - Tiamat MK-3 for CS 1.6

We are not much late with the publication of Tiamat MK-3 from CSO. An assault rifle that uses 70 plasma energy developed based on Plasma Gun. A pinpoint attack with increased destructive power by collecting energy into one point is possible.
Extra Item - Plasma Rifle MK-2 for CS 1.6

New weapon plugin from CSO, Plasma Rifle MK-2. This weapon is based on the plasma gun, it is the second prototype that was being tested, and the power was further enhanced. It is an assault rifle that uses 60 plasma energy and attached with a holographic sight for zooming.

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