Quality work
All products in our store are developed by the best developers. Our plugins and mods are written in the best code, and all code is checked for errors. We value our reputation!
Free support
We provide full support to each of our clients in using our products. Online consultation at any time 24/7. Ability to get a backup copy of a plugin or server if it is lost. There are instructions for installing our mods.
Free update
Our products, plugins and mods that we sell in our store are completely private. Very often we get from our customers the wish for updates and reports in the work. We try to send updates on our mods every month.
Extra Items - Tiamat MK-4 for CS 1.6

This private plugin for CS 1.6 will add a new weapon Tiamat Mk-4 from CSO. The final variant of Tiamat development projects based on the Plasma Gun. An assault rifle that uses 80 plasma energy to increase its power during continuous fire. Can use shockwave attacks and condensed plasma bullets to knock back enemies
REHLDS ( for CS 1.6

ReHLDS (Reverse-engineered) is a new step forward that gives our servers a second wind. ReHLDS works 2 times faster than HLDS. On this page you can find the latest version of REHLDS for the CS 1.6 game server
CS-SELL.COM - Site Update 1.1

Hi, everybody. We are slowly getting to the start of our new project. In this news, I will briefly tell you what was changed on the site and what was added new. And I will also share news from the future.
AmxModX 1.10.0 (5406) for CS 1.6

We are glad to present you the latest version of AmxModX 1.10.0 (5406), this version is the most optimized. Our team recommends that you use the latest build. On this page you can download 2 versions, for Linux and Windows.

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