Approved AMXX Plugins for CS 1.6

AMXX Plugins for CS 1.6 are add-ons for the amxx mod that extend the standard server functions. There are a large number of different plugins that make CS servers more unique and different. Plugins for cs 1.6 have 2 types of files, the first is a source code (sma), which can be edited with minimal programming knowledge, and the second is a ready-to-use compiled version of the plug-in (amxx). For the compiled version of the plugin to work, it just needs to be installed on the server. To write your plugins you need to learn the pawn language, which will help you make your own additions and mods.
Extra Items - Tiamat MK-4 for CS 1.6

This private plugin for CS 1.6 will add a new weapon Tiamat Mk-4 from CSO. The final variant of Tiamat development projects based on the Plasma Gun. An assault rifle that uses 80 plasma energy to increase its power during continuous fire. Can use shockwave attacks and condensed plasma bullets to knock back enemies
Extra Items - NG-7 Ajax for CS 1.6

I want to present you a new private weapon Negev NG-7 Ajax for your zombie server CS 1.6. 150 rounds 7.62mm machine gun that uses bullets that deal fatal damage to zombies. You can block the movement of enemies or defend against a ranged attack by using a shield that incorporates technology from another world.
Zombie Class - Tyrant for CS 1.6

Friends, everyone remembers the update in CSO where 2 new classes and the evolution system were added, Yes, I'm talking about Zombie 5: Rise. A couple of weeks ago, we published the Arachne zombie class for sale. Today, with a slight delay, we are presenting a new zombie class from CSO, the great Tyrant. It didn't take long because of the complexity of the class itself, but at the end we got a unique and interesting class.
Extra Items - Miracle Prism Sword for CS 1.6

Our game portal offers you the opportunity to buy a new "Miracle Prism Sword" for your cs 1.6 zombie server.
A sword infused with mysterious magical powers.

Approved AMXX Plugins


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