AmxModX 1.9.0 [5263] for CS 1.6
AmxModX 1.9.0 (5263) for CS 1.6

On this page you can download the latest version of AmxModX (1.9.0) namely (5263). The archive with this mod contains a version for Windows and Linux. I want to note that at the time of publication of this post, the version of this mod is the latest.

List of changes:
* Fix newlines for TextMsg
* Fix newlines for SayText
* Adjust comments
* Replace hardcoded detination value with HUD_* constants
* Make sure only official mods can use format string
* Fix typos
* Split condition for readability
* CS only: Fix newlines in TextMsg and with print_center

Скачать данный материал может только группа: ".implode(', ',$user_grpz)."
Приобрести данную группу можно здесь: Покупка привелегий на сайте
скачать dle 12.1

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