REHLDS ( for CS 1.6
REHLDS ( for CS 1.6

ReHLDS (Reverse-engineered) is a new step forward that gives our servers a second wind. ReHLDS works 2 times faster than HLDS. On this page you can find the latest version of REHLDS for the CS 1.6 game server

A few words:
ReHLDS is the result of reverse engineering of the original HLDS (build 6152/6153) using DWARF debug information built into the linux version of HLDS,
During the reverse engineering process, many shortcomings and potential bugs were discovered and fixed.

Rescount - Prints to the server console the total amount of resources that are in the prekesh

What gave?
Optimization of metamod gives from 20% to 30% performance gain, however, it slightly cuts its functionality.
The ReHLDS set of binary compatible optimizations gives from 65% to 110% gain. In this case, the work of the server is completely identical to the work of a conventional HLDS.
Enabling all optimizations and fixes gives an 11% increase over the previous paragraph. At the same time, some of the mathematical functions will give an error of less than 0.01%, which practically does not affect the operation of the server.
Optimizing the mod gives about 6% growth.

New in 
Move REHLDS_FLIGHT_REC macro to debug build
Bugfix: Prevent to pre-cache same local models twice and more (Affects, Skipping local model to pre-cached if no entities to transmit.)

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