Extra items - Satellite Mine for CS 1.6

This Satellite Mine is a special mine equipped with state-of-the-art satellite guided bombing technology. It can independently search for nearby enemies and activate them or detonate them. When activated, a special area that reduces the movement of nearby enemies is activated. Inflicts a special laser bombardment that does not inflict damage.

Thunder Force a weapon made of a lightweight alloy made by a private optical weapon research laboratory that studies induction emission optical amplification technology. It has the function of automatically attacking enemies with infinitely generated energy bolts.
Extra items - Divine Blaster for CS 1.6

A Divine Blaster of the heavens, made with unknown technology. Allows the wielder to fire 50 scatter-shot rounds, summon Purifying Wings to burn enemies who approach, and draw energy from the wings to blast foes with Purifying Light.
Extra Item - Bear Fury MK-3 for CS 1.6

We present for you the latest version of the MK-3 weapon in the Bear Fury series from the CSO game. This weapon has 2 modes, In the first mode, the player releases energy by dealing electricity damage in a given radius.
In the second mode, the weapon accumulates energy, when the ability is activated, the owner has the opportunity to make a strong jump up.
Extra Item - Bear Fury MK-1 & MK-2 for CS 1.6

AMXX Plugins that add new private weapons (Bear Fury MK-1 and MK-2) from CSO to your zombie server. These weapons are secondary, shooting bear breath. Each weapon from this list has the ability to accumulate energy when hitting the enemy. After activating the second mode, it releases the accumulated energy, throwing the owner forward.

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