[CSO] [ZP] Extra Items - Void Avenger (B) for CS 1.6
  • 27.07.2020Last Update
  • ZP - ZEModification
  • 1.8.2+AmxModx
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Extra Items - Void Avenger (B) for CS 1.6

Our plugin will add a unique and new weapon Void Avenger from CSO to your zombie server.A special weapon used by the Overseers, created with otherworldly technology. It can automatically detect and lock onto enemies. Its Void Judgment utilizes charged dark energy to fire a singularity that draws in enemies.

Void Judgment's effect reaches full potency shortly after being fired.
Draws in and damages enemies.
Initial Damage: 375 (Zombie), 750 (Scenario)
Detonates for additional damage when effect ends.
Detonation Damage: 750 (Zombie), 1500 (Scenario)
The detection feature does not work in Normal Mode.

Automatically detect and shoot enemies
Able to pull zombies together with the Void Judgement skill
High damage in Zombie mode

Easily run dry
Available during limited time only
Weak in Normal mode

When purchasing a product, you get a complete archive with: resources, amxx and sma.

To purchase this product or ask me questions, you can go down a little lower and find a button with my contacts or you can follow this link (Contact me)
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