[CSO] [ZP] Extra Items - Inferno Cannon for CS 1.6
  • 11.08.2020Last Update
  • ZP - ZEModification
  • 1.8.2+AmxModx
  • xUnicornAuthor
  • 25%Discount
  • 10Old price
  • 9New price
  • Free update
  • Free installation and configuration
  • Free technical support
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Extra Items - Inferno Cannon

A good private plugin for CS 1.6 that will add a new weapon Inferno Cannon to your zombie server. A shotgun that rapidly fires 45 rounds of 12 gauge shotgun ammo. Its special feature, Infernal Flame, allows it to shoot fireballs.

Able to shoot fireballs
Small spread for a shotgun

Very limited
Easily run dry

The crosshairs light up when you hit your target.
Allows for unlimited use of spare ammo in Scenario Mode.
Special Feature: Infernal Flame: After charging your special attack by hitting enemies, you can right-click to launch a fireball that travels slowly forward.

When purchasing a product, you get a complete archive with: resources, amxx and sma.

To purchase this product or ask me questions, you can go down a little lower and find a button with my contacts or you can follow this link (Contact me)
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