CS-SELL.COM - Purchase a VIP ticket!

CS-SELL.COM - Purchase a VIP ticket

In this news, you will learn why you need to purchase VIP access on our website and what it will give you. First of all, you should understand that sites can't live just like that, we put a lot of effort into website development and create unique material for you. But we can't work forever, we want you to help us and make a great website together.

What do I get?
- You get full access to download files on the site!
- You get a 15% discount on all plugins from the (Private section)
- Your nickname has a different color!
- The group changes in your profile!

How much should I pay?
We do not want to charge you a lot of money, I think the price for an invitation of 10$ will be acceptable.

To purchase VIP or ask me questions, you can go down a little lower and find a button with my contacts or you can follow this link (Contact me)
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