Extra Items for CS 1.6

You like the Golden AK-47 or for example Gold M4A1 with these weapons you can destroy the zombies very quickly, you often notice that there are a lot of EXTRA ITEMS on the servers , these things can help destroy the zombies and win the round. On our site you can download weapons from CSO for CS 1.6 server, as well as download private EXTRA ITEMS for CS 1.6
Extra items - Hellhound for CS 1.6

New private weapon Hellhound, a great tool for destroying zombies. State-of-the-art special military drone installed with Hologram AR System. Independently borders on you and attacks automatically when enemies are around.
Holy Sword Divine Order

A great private plugin that will add a unique knife for cs 1.6 zombie server to your server. Holy Sword Divine Order legendary sword that, with the chosen guardian's blessing, will judge evil with sacred power. If you're facing an evil presence, the sword will strengthen, and the Holy Impact (Holy Guard) and Holy Crash (Holy Smite) skills will be enhanced.
Extra Item - Laser Guide for CS 1.6

Hello everyone, our team publishes a new private weapon Laser Guide for you. if you want, you can purchase this weapon for the zombie server. This laser gun is similar in functionality to the old Guide weapon from CSO, now this weapon is no longer available. Most likely, the plugin will get some improvements in the visual and functional parts.
Extra Item - Lasermine 2.8.2 для CS 1.6

The plugin adds popular laser mines with the latest version (2.8.2). I also want to note that there was still a bug with killing yourself.
Extra Items - JetPack for CS 1.6

When many people put a jetpack on their server, they noticed that if you take it in the first round, then when you shoot a Bazooka, white balls remained on the map and they also remained in the next rounds. So here this bug is fixed and everything works properly!
Extra Items - M249 Pheonix (Remix) for CS 1.6

This Extra Items will add the M249 Pheonix weapon to your server. this plugin is not the original weapon from CSO. The weapon also has a second mode.
Extra item - Warhammer Teleport for CS 1.6

With this knife, you can teleport all over the map. This knife is added to the store, has its own sound, sprite, model
There is a limit and a timer for use. Use with the letter " E"

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