[ZP] Extra item - Warhammer Teleport for CS 1.6
Extra item - Warhammer Teleport for CS 1.6

With this knife, you can teleport all over the map. This knife is added to the store, has its own sound, sprite, model
There is a limit and a timer for use. Use with the letter " E"

new const teleportation_cooldown = 10; / / Cooldown between teleportations, time is specified in seconds.
new const teleportation_limit = 3; / / Maximum number of teleportation uses.
new const Float:teleportation_wave_radius = 250.0; // the radius of the wave. (Required, must be specified in a fractional number!)
new const teleportation_wave_color[3] = {0, 255, 0}; // If the sprite has this functionality, you can configure it in RGB mode. (Wave color)

new const knife_v_model[] = "models/zombieamxxru/v_warhammer_storm. mdl"; / / V model.
new const knife_p_model [] = "models/zombieamxxru/p_warhammer_storm. mdl"; / / P model.
new const knife_pick_sound[] = { "zombieamxxru/get_box.wav"} / / Sound when getting a knife.
new const teleport_sound[] = { "zombieamxxru/blink.wav"} / / Sound when teleporting.
new const teleport_sprite[] = "sprites/zombieamxxru/voiceicon.spr"; / / Sprite after teleportation.

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