[ZP] Extra Items - M249 Pheonix (Remix) for CS 1.6
Extra Items - M249 Pheonix (Remix) for CS 1.6

This Extra Items will add the M249 Pheonix weapon to your server. this plugin is not the original weapon from CSO. The weapon also has a second mode.

#define WEAPON_ITEM_NAME "M249 Phoenix" / / item Name in Extra Items 
#define WEAPON_ITEM_COST 0 / / Price

#define WEAPON_BODY 0 body Number w submodel(if not used, set the value 0) 

#define WEAPON_MAX_CLIP 100 Rounds in the clip 
#define WEAPON_DEFAULT_AMMO 200 Rounds 
#define WEAPON_RATE 0.11 rate of fire (1 mode)
#define WEAPON_RATE_EX 0.17 rate of fire (2 mode)
#define WEAPON_PUNCHAGNLE 1.23 Recoil (1 mode)
#define WEAPON_PUNCHAGNLE_EX 0.9 Recoil (2 mode)
#define WEAPON_DAMAGE 1.0 Damage (1 mode) 
#define WEAPON_DAMAGE_EX 1.7 Damage (2 mode) 

give_weapon_buffm249-native issue of weapons

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