Zombie Class for CS 1.6

Do you think it is important to know the variety of zombie classes on zombie servers? I think zombie classes are one of the most important parts of the zombie server gameplay. Server developers can offer players to play for a huge number of zombie classes, thus the player is not bored. On this page you can download Zombie Class for CS 1.6
Zombie Class - Tyrant for CS 1.6

Friends, everyone remembers the update in CSO where 2 new classes and the evolution system were added, Yes, I'm talking about Zombie 5: Rise. A couple of weeks ago, we published the Arachne zombie class for sale. Today, with a slight delay, we are presenting a new zombie class from CSO, the great Tyrant. It didn't take long because of the complexity of the class itself, but at the end we got a unique and interesting class.
Zombie Class - Arachne for CS 1.6

Welcome to the users of my site, not long ago in CSO released the update Zombie 5: Rise, they added 2 zombie classes. Our team wrote a private plugin Arachne for CS 1.6. We tried to do everything as in CSO, this zombie class is suitable for Zombie Plague and Zombie Escape!

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